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Pressing The Limits

A new unprecedented approach to Cannabis Edibles.

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Solvent Free Always

Here at JKJ Processing we extract all of our own oils without the use of solvent additives. So you don't have to worry about what you are putting in your body! Only the purest and most organic form!

Due to its light weight, 25-year (or more) shelf life, and nutritional value, freeze-dried food is an ideal companion for THC infused products! From Strawberries to Ice Cream Sandwiches we are pressing the limits! ​​​​​​​

Freeze-Dried Infused

Baked Infused

Baking is one of our favorite things to do here at JKJ. Learning from a first generation chef we are applying what my father has taught me and infusing it with the best solvent free THC on the market! mmmm brownies.. 

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Shaken never stirred... wait.. that's Bond. Our motto is "Pressing the Limits". Solvent Free THC

Our Process

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Chef John and his team have a vision for this unique Wholesale Kitchen for alternative all natural products for the Medical Health industry. Our focus is on the patients, micro dosing is our way of helping the patients medicate themselves the way the see fit. More quantity lower dosage. Quality above anything else is how JKJ is building their business model.

Yes we are for the patient, but micor dosing is not the only thing we offer. We have higher mg count for other uses. Like our legendary 3000 mg bar (the unicorn of the cannabis world) only seen in pictures and told through the stories of our ancestors!... no not really but it is a rare find, for only a selected few dispensaries sell this bar.

Along with JKJ we have the MAD CHEF! Mr Chocolate himself making some wonderfully flavored candy bars and his own take on chocolate caramel turtles and much more!

No matter what your preference is JKJ Processing has you covered!

Chef John's Vision...

Info About JKJ Processing Inc!

These are just a few fun facts about us!

Solvent Free


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Seeking a healthier option with infused THC!? Look no longer! We are positive your customers will find a healthy nutritious snack that will ease their pain! 

Healthier Options

Our Products

Whether it's freeze-dried, baked or molded we are sure you will find something you love!

We also offer cookies, rice krispys, ice cream sandwiches and peanut Brittle. 

Wait there's more!

Yes you read that right! 3 kinds of freeze-dried cheese cake! Plain, Strawberry and Chocolate Caramel! WHAT!!?? Quoting Joey from Friends... Cheesecake is healthy too... :) 

Cheese!!! Cheesecake that is!!

Give me Chocolate!

Everyone has a sweet tooth right! Come give our chocolate brownies a try! And for you health nuts we have sugar free brownie bites as well! 

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